Hemorrhoids treatment


How to treat hemorrhoids?

Wat zijn is een aambei en hoe ontstaat het

Often hemorrhoids (hemerroiden) An additional phenomenon of chronic constipation (constipation). The whole mucosa is permeated with a line network of veins. When the stool in the rectum accumulates and hardens, the artery walls compressed. The trims it generates, make the vein walls are set pressed and widen. These dilated veins now, manifest as varicose veins in the gut and are known as Hemorrhoids or haemorrhoids.

When straining hard stool these veins are often ripped open, causing bleeding, mentioned haemorrhoidal bleeding on the basis of their origin. Tegelijkertijd met het ledigen van de darm kunnen wij in zulke gevallen meestal ook blood in stool determine. If such a state is not removed, becomes inflamed and the tissue hardened, causing hemorrhoids occur. Through hard stools these growths can be squeezed out, so they are visible to the anus. These growths can develop into lumps the size of a plum. Anyone who think about it, understands clearly that these hemorrhoids lot of trouble to bring about. People who suffer, would therefore be delighted to get rid of it.

Hemorrhoids after childbirth

In women often develop hemorrhoids after childbirth. During pregnancy, the condition throughout the vascular system under high pressure,. This may also open earlier varicose veins develop or worsen. In the last weeks of pregnancy press additionally the head of the baby on the pelvic veins, which also adversely acts on the veins of the rectum. During labor that printing more violent. Thus it, that hemorrhoids are often visible after childbirth. What can be done now empty?

Good treatment

To begin, we must tackle against constipation, because as long as it exists, will each treatment only partially successfully. Often there is a wrong diet, no wholemeal bread and too little fruit and raw vegetables. But there is also a need for good phytotherapeutic agents, zoals complex Curcurna (Moreover, do not use during pregnancy) en Lino-force, because mental cramping due to unresolved life issues, can cause constipation. As cramped as a human can sometimes, can also be the intestine are so cramped, because it is largely through the sympathetic nervous system affected.

If the constipation but once removed, Hell is not so hard to do anything against hemorrhoids. There are excellent natural resources ready to help us a hand. Aesculaforce, Hyperisan millefolium and are good for circulation. They can therefore be used with equal success in dilated veins in the intestine. It will reduce the pressure in the veins, give the entire venous system positively influences. Other good tools are millefolium, the phytotherapeutic extract of yarrow, Hamamelis virginiana en Calcium fluoratum. In order with a topical treatment to alleviate the pain, Hemorrhoids suppositories can be used. These suppositories contain mostly Hamamelis and cocoa butter. The tea from tormentil (Blood wound) and nettles are good. By the pains helps spurge. Although the plant is poisonous, but bruised placed on the anus, in a short time, they can raise the pain. In order to prevent aambeiklachten, it is good to wash the anus every morning with cold water. It is indeed well, when there is already have formed hemorrhoids.

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