Against constipation (constipation)


Laxatives for constipation

The classic laxatives can be divided into two groups : of harmless, that do not irritate the intestinal wall, in the harmful, especially those fenolftaleïne contain. All laxatives can immediately adjust the stool, but they are not able to function properly in the right way again viscera. If you start using laxatives, you can not give it up. Your intestines react in time only on the tablet that you take in the evening.

Treat constipation

Homeopathy is able to constipation or constipation both to treat the one as the other way, So with laxatives and by "training" of the viscera. Homeopathy viscera can again learn from themselves operate through an in-depth treatment, under the guidance of a doctor. But homeopathy also provides laxatives. And that can be found in the diagram below. Wel moet de keuze van een dergelijk middel steeds afgestemd worden op het uiterlijk van de natuurlijke ontlasting en niet op het resultaat bij gebruik van agressieve laxeermiddelen. One will use the last resources so should omit to decide the appropriate homeopathic treatment.

If you have long been accustomed laxatives using, you'd better not to abruptly stop it. A gradual withdrawal will take you less give the feeling of a 'lack'.

Canadian Kankerwortel

Hydrastis canadensis of Canadian kankerwortel is a plant of North American origin. The Indians used them because its main ingredient: a yellow dye. For the American doctors of the official medicine was a diuretic, astringent and defecation-promoting agent. A good plant against obstipatie.

For the homeotherapeuten is a medicament against chronic inflammation of the mucous membranes (snivel, brow- in kaakholteontsteking, inflammation of the nasal pharynx, laryngitis, bronchitis, inflammation of the ureter, cystitis and metritis), if it is at least accompanied by a thick, yellow discharge. It is also a drug that is applied in hepatic inflammation.

Treating constipation or constipation, depending on type of stool

  • constipation without urge to push the stool: Hydrastis canadensis
  • constipation insistently, but without result: Nux VOMICA
  • very difficult defecation process, even with a soft stools: Alumina
  • relief in the form of little marbles as "shelf droppings': Magnesium muriaticum
  • blockage during menstruation: Graphites
  • blockage during pregnancy: Hydrastis canadensis
  • constipation after childbirth: Hydrastis canadensis
  • blockage by immoderate use of laxatives; the congestion worsens as people used more laxatives: Nux VOMICA