Cancer Algemeen

Cancer is a collective name for more than 200 disorders. In virtually every tissue in the body, there may be cancer, and thus also in the intestine – cancer. Normally, the disease is limited to 1 or up to 2 agencies. One notices the presence of cancer not once on, there may be


Cancer increases

secondary tumors arise that have a widely varying effect on the health. Some cancers are so small that if they are caught early, fully treated after 10 minutes. Other there and against such as lung cancer and colon cancer are difficult to heal.

A tumor a lot has cells with uncontrolled cell growth. That is because there is in the DNA of a human cell, changes have occurred, usually errors in the parts of the cells, that provide unlimited cell growth. The cell no longer performs the functions do it should exercise.

We also speak of benign and malignant tumors. Benign tumors (kindly) grow but insist no other cells or tissues within. They can stand there pressing invaseren but not other cells. Malignant tumors (malignant) cells possess or invade other tissues and organs that make the piece. Malignant tumors spread through the surface of tissues and are vented into the lymph- and blood vessels visit.

Often it is in the solid or genes my chance of developing tumors. When it is not genetically determined, the causes are mostly externally. Anything that can cause cancer called carcinogen. These carcinogens can generally be divided into 3 groups:

  • Viruses (etc.. cervical cancer)
  • Radiation (etc.. skin cancer)
  • Chemicals (etc.. cancer and lung cancer)

A tumor can with the aid of X-ray examination, scanning and endoscopy be noted.
The most common cancers are:

  • lung cancer (25%)
  • rectal cancer (12%)
  • prostate cancer (14%)
  • skin cancer (7,5%)

In men in

  • Breast cancer (31%)
  • rectal cancer (15%)
  • Cervical cancer (8%)
  • skin cancer (7,5%)

at women.

Cancer children is rare but can occur. Usually, it also relates to other forms of cancer that may occur to a large extent or in adults. In children, these cancers frequently:

  • Brains and nervous system (25%)
  • Leukemia (30%)
  • Lymfomen (cancer of the lymph tissue in older children and toddlers, 13%)

Caution: Warts and certain birthmarks cancer are also examples. Therefore, it is often said that one should keep in mind warts.

Different types of cancer

As we have already mentioned, can prevent cancer in all organs. Still, there are different groups of cancer that can divide by categories.


Sarcomas form in tendons, bones and muscles, or more specifically in the connective- in steunweefsel. They are less common than the cancers we discuss further.


This cancer occurs in the surface layer or eptiheelcellen of the organs and tissues and thus becoming malignant. Examples are:

  • mammacarcinoom
  • adenocarcinoom
  • basaalcelcarcinoom
  • plaveiselcelcarcinoom

Below are breast cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, colon cancer etc..

Uitzaaiing van de cancer

The concept of metastasis or metaphase relates to cancer cells via the blood- or lymphatic vessel system have spread to other parts of the body. These are small cell groups that have formed in other organs and tissues. One has a suspicion of metastasis, one often goes on to further treatment chemotherapy. In many cases, when showing the lymph nodes around the primary tumor bulges, these also be removed. Cancer cells may nl. spread easily and quickly through the lymph vessels.

But also in the internal cavities of the body, malignant tumor cells do well: Celiac (ascites) and the chest (effusie). These cancer cells are fed by fluid in the body cavities, which will in turn release also moisture. Thus one can get puffiness.

The body responds to cancer just like an infection. People in middle age or who are already sick, are in many cases much more sensitive to cancer. Usually it is also in this period that cancer begins to manifest.




Adenocarcinoma has various forms but the most common is rectal cancer or colon cancer. Cancerous tumors in the intestine usually develop from benign polyps or cancers. They can cause bleeding which one blood in feces will return. When the tumor is already at a later stage, This leads to changes in bowel habits, constipation and abdominal pain.

The vagina and rectum lie at very close together. When a cancer is there is in the front of the rectum, it can break through in the vagina and urinary tract even. This puts stool, gas and blood in the vagina or ureters rightly. This leads to infection and damage to the bladder and kidneys.

Adenocarcinoma fix

Most begin with a rectal examination performed by the doctor. He feels something abnormal, then the patient is referred to a specialist.

microscopisch onderzoek


By means of an endoscope (colonoscoop, gastroscoop, sigmoidoscope for gastrointestinal), a flexible casing with a lamp, Looking at the inner side than the large intestine and rectum. When one has found the hardening, one performs a biopsy from. It then takes a piece of tissue that they will investigate further. The tissue is sectioned, fixed and viewed under the microscope.

It is found cancer, one has to remove a piece of intestine and ends back togethers.

Fiber prevent colon cancer

Colorectal cancer is much less common in people who eat high fiber foods. One suspects that the fibers of the intestinal wall and rubs deus waste can better carry out. Dietary fibers also provide a faster passage of food as they hold water. This leaves less time carcinogen in the body. Of course that is not the only cause of cancer.

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