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Crohn's disease: disease

Crohn's disease

Enteritis regionalis of de Crohn's disease is a inflammatory disease of the intestinal tract, especially the small and large intestine. The condition may also extend further to the anus or even signs of inflammation in the mouth show. In very special cases, inflammation wounds on the body. You can either be affected by the acute form and the chronic form of Crohn's.

The cause

The cause of Crohn's disease, is to be found in the genes back: NOD2-protein and is an auto-immuunziekte. This causes the body not only harmful bacteria and viruses, but also attacks the body's own cells. Since it is a genetic disorder is, one can not do much about it. Nevertheless, the disease is largely determined by the degree external factors lifestyle, such as the, the power supply and stress and smoking.


The symptoms can vary from diarrhea serious ontstekingswonden. When we think of prolonged diarrhea, we also think of vitamin deficiency because they can no longer be absorbed by the body. We think only a magnesiumtekort that may have on the body and heart serious consequences. When Crohn's disease occurs at an early stage of life,, may also have growth are perceived by the lack of nutrients. The body can absorb moisture and inadequate water. In severe cases, fluid must be administered through drips.

Also a very common symptom is fatigue. Of course, this is again due to the lack of inclusion of nutrients and energy.

These people are also beginning to be strongly slimming and lose weight, just because they can not keep down food more (vomiting) and it will not be absorbed by the body. Again, these people must be provided with sufficient nutrients via baxters.

It may also blood in stool prevention. The infection wounds cracks can occur in veins which results when blood in stool.

Can form scars in the intestinal tract. These may be derived by:

  • 30 % inflammation
  • 50% stenosen (narrowing of the bowel with severe pain)
  • 20% fistels (unnatural channels between adjacent organs and intestinal systems)

Fistulas may occur around the anus when Crohn's disease of the rectum has affected. These are opening next to the anus, which further relief may come.

Crohn's disease cure

The disease can not be cured but can be overcome. The most obvious for all types of drugs are anti-inflammatory agents. However, the KU Leuven would have developed a new drug which you can live even if you carry the gene to normal.

Watch the video vtmnieuws.

In antibiotic darmontsteking


One has to fight enteritis indeed found potent substances. Just think of antibiotics to penicillin, streptomycine, aureomycin and similar preparations. In many cases, these funds even saved lives, in particular, in far several tropical diseases.
With us, these products are however already at the slightest applied. Also, when could easily be helped in another way,, such as in a laryngitis or a harmless infection. Therefore these resources for us a certain danger, the body gets used to it, so that these antibiotics have no effect when it comes really there. In addition, after a period of time, the intestinal damage and ruined.

Darmflora helpen

As well as for the inclusion of nutrients are needed to certain bacteria in the intestine, Also, the plant for the recording of their food need a certain amount of bacterial flora. Example, one can get a good soybean crop, when the soil does not provide special bacteria in spreading the soybeans. And, without soil bacteria would be no pine forest exist!

So it is with our gut, He also needs several bacteria. Therefore, for the care of the gut in particular yoghurt recommended, especially in alternation with Acidophyluspoeder. As a result, the intestinal flora helped, while the harmful bacteria are destroyed.

In lactic acid «n to us of great benefit, because they work fraternally with the intestinal bacteria.
However, we resort to antibiotics aforementioned intestinal inflammation, led penicillin, streptomycine, aureomycin and how they may continue to be called, we must realize that they are useful gut bacteria «n will aantasten.Vaak are the most useful and important bacteria« n the most sensitive, while precisely the harmful bacteria «n after the fact that sources of these antibiotics expand the fastest. This can, under certain circumstances, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease development len. In intestinal flora is affected, making the new invading bacteria are able to be more active. The result is that we are currently more susceptible than previously. Especially with serious diseases we are helpless, because even the other, conservative methods, in such cases, less work well.