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Natural treatment for ass maggots


'Doctor, do you believe that the worms are?’

eitje aarsmade

pinworm eggs -Wikipedia

That question is so often said that it surprised no doctor more. But the term "believe" could place? Could one who can not make reservations for the really big issues of our world better?
Diagnosis'worms’ of white dots in the stool is often asked by mothers than by doctors, for the latter fear sometimes that many symptoms are attributed incorrectly to worms. As so often is also the truth here in the middle. One does not need a scapegoat of the entire pathology make worms, but they do not have to pretend they do not exist. They are indeed: one can see them. The homeopathic practitioner provides the means to worms combating, but mainly focuses on treating the person who provides their hospitality! In addition to his special treatment he gives as his colleagues some hygiene rules:

  • treatment of maggots ass the whole family or the whole community, because there are people who have worms and they can transfer to others, while they themselves have no problems and stay healthy;
  • good body: Keep nails short, Wash hands carefully, often underwear and bed sheets change ;
  • maggots control of the vent with the aid of a classic anthelmintic;
  • against bothersome symptoms using homeopathic medicines (see below);
  • change in the whole pattern of life and the physical condition of the patient (using a treatment by a homeopathic doctor).

Treatment of aarsmaden

The treatment that follows is for both adults and children fit, but concerns only the fight against small white worms, as aarsmaden (Enterobius vermicularis) known.

  • nervous symptoms which are caused by helminths (irritability, unrest, excitement): China
  • itchy nose: China
  • ravenous: China
  • abdominal pain: Spigelia
  • anal itching: Trojans event

Aars Maden also cause blood in the stool which can result from the constant scratching the anus.


adult ass maggots

You can see that China Here is prescribed three times. It is the classic remedy for worms, not only in homeopathy but also in allopathy. It is a semen against, abbreviation of "semen contra vermes,"Which is Latin for" seed against worms'. This powerful acting anthelmintic is however not fully free of toxicity.

It is currently only used in homeopathic form. Both allopathy and homeopathy does this means according to the law of similars, but only in homeopathy does it without danger.

A known agent that can be sometimes prescribed it vermifuge agent (anthelminthica) or better called Mebendazole. This means you can get at the pharmacy or doctor online

Prevention measures and ass maggots

An infection of ass maggots does not come. The eggs were sitting in the sand, on unwashed vegetables, poop of other animals etc.. You have partially own hands to prevent you suffering no parasite infection:

  • Wash hands before eating with a disinfectant. Dettol for the hands is a great soap to disinfect everything. This is available from the pharmacy or online pharmacy.
  • Wash hands after each toilet turn. Dettol is also a recommended.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after you have worked in the garden.
  • Wash and disinfect your hands thoroughly after you have made clean the litter box. This applies also when the dog poop clean up.

If you still have contracted an intestinal parasite, you can still do the following in addition to the medication:

  • Do every day clean underwear. Children use your tight underpants so they would not scratching the anus.
  • Change every day the sheets on the bed until the infection is contested.
  • Cut the nails short: under nails can the eggs of forming long stay.
  • Vacuum every day until the infection is contested. Treat any mats.
  • objects that you use regularly, you can best disinfect vb. which vacuum cleaner or your child's toys.

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Darmparasieten: lintwormen, ass maggots and trichinosis

Wormen in ontlasting: Lintwormen, spoelwormen, ass maggots and trichinosis all intestinal parasites, used to play an important role as pathogens. The mandatory inspection of meat and vegetables and improved hygiene in general, they have become much rarer with us, although especially ass maggots yet to be determined regularly in children. Travelers from tropical countries spend ever more dangerous parasites along.

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Man is the main host for the tapeworm of beef, the pig and the fish (but intermediate host for the tapeworm of the dog). The beef tapeworm lays its eggs in the intestine of humans.

The intermediate host (het rund) takes them while grazing (the fertilized pasture) on. Arise larvae, that with the blood in the muscles, the liver and the lungs are placed and there is encapsulation. These so-called "fins" of intestinal parasites are reabsorbed by humans through eating beef. Once the bladder worms in the gut are, is the head of the tapeworm emerges, sucks itself to the lining of the small intestine and feeds on the intestinal contents.

This cycle is also true for the tapeworm of the pig and of the fish. The tapeworm is a 2 to 30 cm long chain of individual members, that once they are ripe, successively divested puts faeces disposed, where their presence can be established. People with tapeworm initially no complaints. Later join pressure sensation in the upper abdomen, famine or lack of appetite, nausea and vomiting.

The treatment of intestinal parasites is to make the head of the tapeworm with special means loose. Fins in the body can only be removed by surgery. When the tapeworm Dog the cycle in the intestine of the dog starts. Man is infected (eg. by stroking) and is thus intermediate host for the flippers; this condition is more dangerous, because the vesicles, especially in the liver and the lungs, but also in other organs such as brains, arrive and there are serious disorders cause. Even more dangerous is the, when people are infected with the eggs of the other tapeworms, they have developed in their own bodies, because they not only main host, but also between host are.


Trichinose, that in our country no longer appears, listed, because eating raw pork in some holiday countries still not safe, by the presence of the fins of trichinae. In the intestine of humans alter the larvae mature worms. The male intestinal parasites come after fertilization to, while females 1000 to 2000 larvae in the lymphatic vessels of the intestinal mucosa off. These larvae penetrate all organs, especially oxygen-rich muscle groups. Pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea announcing the serious illness. Distress and persistent high fever followed. The muscles are stiff and swollen as rheumatism.

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There is no specific cure for trichinosis. Half of the patients can not be helped, and some death. Ass Maden live in the small intestine and in the upper parts of the large intestine. The approximately 1 cm long females lay their eggs outside the intestine, because they need oxygen for their development. This usually happens at night, because the sphincter of the anus is weaker than. The sleeper feels itching, scratching and bring the eggs back into the digestive system (children eg. by thumb sucking). Infection also occurs via vegetables, clothing, etc.. place. De witte, very motile maggots are usually massive in the stool found. Since contamination is particularly easy, is recommended as a family or even treat the whole class.

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The female roundworm lays daily 200 000 eieren in de thin intestine. These eggs are discharged with the stool and can then be reabsorbed by humans via fertilized vegetables or fruit, where they are in the same intestinal stages through as the ass maggots. Be the first adult roundworms two to three months later, about 20 cm long and as thick as a pencil are, in the stoelgang found. Because they multiply very quickly, a powerful treatment should be initiated. Roundworms can form clusters, the intestine or bile ducts clog; their metabolic residues can give rise to poisoning in the intestines.