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The alimentary canal is a type of plant in which the food is broken down into substances to be included, and where the residues are discharged as waste products from the intestines into the blood. There can thus be a whole resum complaints and ailments around the digestive tract occur. Some diseases cause diarrhea or constipation. Others can blood in the stool cause. Nausea is also a very common symptom when problems occur in the gastrointestinal tract.


In this small organ gallstones may occur sometimes cause inflammation and pain.


In the duodenum, there may be sores form.

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The thick wall of the intestine, irregular contract causing diarrhea or constipation occurs. Other ailments, infections and diverticulitis (diverticula) but sometimes tumors.

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The appendix can become inflamed and cause appendicitis.


Common disorders of the esophagus, include inflammation by coming out of the stomach acid and abnormal narrowings (stricturen).


Indigestion and peptic ulcers are the most common ailments. Stomach ulcers can lead to blood in feces.


The pancreas may be acute and chronically inflamed.

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Disorders of the small intestine are inflammations, such as the Crohn's disease.

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Blood in stools by hemorrhoids

Blood in stools by hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are as much a result of digestive problems of circulatory disorders. Local Hemorrhoids treatment is meaningless: injections and surgeries we have even explicitly discouraged. Hemorrhoids is accompanied by blood in stool. Usually it is bright red blood that can be found in the stool is.

The same is true for two complications of hemorrhoids: aarskloven (painful ulcerative cracks in the lining of the anus) in fistels (leg ulcers, channels created by ulceration which oozes out). These are external conditions which should be treated with medicaments and which spontaneously close again when the whole organism is treated recovered.

Treatment of hemorrhoids: permanently saved

Those who suffer from hemorrhoids has, must try in the stool not to squeeze and above all try to prevent constipation, ointments that you buy at the drugstore, can the pain and itching of hemorrhoids or prunus ani soften. A few times a day and take sitz bath (preferably after each bowel movement) may be the swelling of hemorrhoids counteract. If you suffer from hemorrhoids or other anal disease have continuously, or if a child constantly itching to the anus has, it is wise to go to the doctor. Children can quickly an infection of anus maggots up, which is easy to treat with medicine is.

- Aesculus hippocastanum, ten drops three times daily; local (external) application: the same medicament in the form of ointment or suppositories.
In the case of complications additionally:
- bij trombose, a bloedklontertje that is formed in the vein has: Lachesis (If necessary, every hour three grains)
- by chaps, five drops three times daily of the following three medicaments:
Acidum nitricum GraphiTime Krameria triandra
- BIJ fistels: Berberis

Aesculus hippocastanum is the fruit of the Witte paardekastanje. She is the principal remedy for hemorrhoids, that is to say that the agent is that it most often consistent with the symptoms. Your homeopathic medicine attending physician may also prescribe for sore throat or pain in the loin.

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The most common solutions that offer doctor, not tackle the problem at its roots. They treat the symptoms but not the real cause. That's why you still suffer from this condition and read this article. The cause is here: if you have hard stools, turn put pressure on the sphincter. This causes hemorrhoids and usually nothing else. But what to do if you have constipation?

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