Cookie Policy


What are cookies

Cookies are small text files that (temporarily) are saved when you visit a website on your computer. These are no running software programs and therefore can never be used as spyware. Most websites use cookies, because webeigenaars want to know what the visitor finds important. So we can provide optimum ease of use. Also it is using cookies as possible to show the visitor advertising, that best lean in the choice of the user.

Cookies allow:

  • you can read and write reviews and view videos;
  • The website is fast;
  • errors and discomfort at the site are detected;
  • improvements can be tested;
  • personal advice possible based on previously purchased and / or viewed items;
  • products you can share via social media such as Facebook and Google.

Cookies are safe. They can not have personal information, such as a phone number or email address, provide and are safe for your PC, laptop and cell phone. As a result, cookies can not be used for unsolicited email (spam) and / or telemarketing campaigns.

Cookies will not stand forever on your computer. Some cookies expire when the computer restarts (sessie cookies), others remain (if you do not remove yourself, because that may at any time) kept. This may vary from one month to several months (permenant cookies).

We use the following cookies:

  • Statistics cookie
  • Functionele cookie
  • Social cookies
  • Third party cookies

Below are the aforementioned cookies described further.

Statistics cookies

These cookies keep the visitors personal information. Some examples are: visitor or using web browsers, the number of new visitors, etc... With these statistics, the website can be optimized and better toegepitst the surfing habits and wishes of visitors.

Functionele cookies

Functional cookies are cookies that ensure that the website is functioning properly. An example is when you log somewhere, and your user name is already filled. This is done by storing a cookie on your computer.

Cookie settings on your computer

As previously mentioned, you can decide yourself how long and whether you want to place cookies on your computer. This can be adjusted using the browser settings. You can herein indicate that you are notified when a web page is to place a cookie. You can also specify that only the third party cookies are refused. You can also delete all cookies already placed.

Social cookies

With social cookies, you can, for example messages that are posted on the website, share with your friends and family on facebook.

What are 'third party' cookies?

Certain content on a website can be posted by any third party (bvb. a new banner ', weather, video or advertisement). Those third parties may also place cookies on a website, this is called "third party cookies" because they are not placed by the owner of the website itself.

Adjusting cookies

Customizing your cookie settings varies by browser. Refer to the documentation of your browser to change these settings.

You can obtain additional information on the Privacy Policy on our site.

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