If you only have diarrhea exceptionally, not too long continues, please nothing. Such a diarrhea undoubtedly has a function, nl. certain substances from the body to remove. It would be illogical to take a classic drug against it in such a case, because that would be a natural process at work. One would literally interrupt the course of nature. However, if the diarrhea is associated with pain or persists long, please refer to table below.

The cause and treatment of diarrhea

- ate too much; one has a very coated tongue: CLEM
- drinking too much alcohol : Nux vomica
- sugar or sweets: Silver Nitric
- know: Pulsatilla
- fruit: Veratrum should be prohibited album
- ice: Pulsatilla
- milk: Magnesium muriaticum
- oysters: Lycopodium
- cold in the abdomen : Aconitum
- a cold: Sanguinaria
- a infection: Arsenicum album
- a strong emotion (a bad message) : Gelsemium

immoderate use of laxatives: Nux vomica
- menstruation: Veratrum should be prohibited album

The modalities of diarrhea

- diarrhea that worsens in the early morning hours, which one should be off the bed: Sulfur
- diarrhea after meals, especially after breakfast: Natrium sulfuricum

The appearance / visibility of stool

- aqueous: China
- halfvast, semiliquid: CLEM
- yellow, mixed with gall: Podophyllum
- colorless, wit: Acidum phosphoricum

The accompanying symptoms

- diarrhea without pain: China
- pain, which is less if one double folds: Colo-CYNTHIS
- with a burning stools and vomiting of bile: Iris versicolor
- with a burning relief, the erg stinks: Arsenicum album
- with stools that are forcibly from "syringe": Croton tiglium
- diarrhea which one can not keep his stools, has no control over the operation of the rectum: Aloe
- diarrhea severe fatigues and exhaust: China
- diarrhea with cold sweat breaks out: Veratrum should be prohibited album

Perhaps you wonder that two opposing evils (constipation and diarrhea) be controlled with the same drug. It is a question of different reactions to the same cause. Homeopathy fights the cause of the ailment (the overuse of laxatives) and not so much the effect! Nux vomica is also a general antidote for all chemical drugs.

Aloe socotrina, Aloe, from Socotra (an island in the Indian Ocean), allopathy was used to stimulate underactive bowel. For us it is a remedy for diarrhea, hemorrhoids, spit in the back and insufficient liver function.