Het prikkelbare-Darma sin room (PDS)


At approximately 70 percent of people with whom the doctor prikkelbare-Darma sin room has established, dietary changes may relieve symptoms or even lift. Go to the doctor to diagnose. Maybe the doctor prescribes regular medicines that you take when symptoms are particularly severe.

The symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (PDS)

Many people suffer from irritable bowel, but the condition is most common in women during childbearing years. Symptoms may consist of various combinations of the following symptoms:

  • Pain in the (under)belly that seems related to bowel function. For example, the pain disappears after the bowel movement or after the passage of a wind.
  • Changes in the normal defecation pattern, as it more or less often have stools, it not being able to stop the stool or very pressing need, the feeling that the bowel after defecation is not completely empty.
  • Changes in the composition of the feces, For example, to hard, too soft or daily different.
  • More mucus secretion, may or may not coincide with the stool.
  • A bloating or bloating in the stomach which reduces or not after the passage of a wind.
  • In women, the symptoms are usually worse just before menstruation.
  • Wisselend stress level, For example, anxiety and depression.
  • Recurring vaginal infections.

Discuss all these symptoms or other changes in bowel habits with your doctor so that a proper diagnosis can be made. Other intestinal problems may exhibit many similarities with irritable bowel syndrome, but should be treated differently. In irritable bowel syndrome no blood found in the faeces. Als u blood loses, You should always consult a doctor because it requires a fully mainstream research.

The causes of intestinal problem

Some doctors believe that irritable bowel syndrome is largely a psychological problem. That is certainly not to close when the symptoms start after an emotional shock from, such as the loss of a loved one or in a period with a lot of stress. Food intolerance is more common as a cause, however, and the symptoms usually abate when suspect foods are detected and temporarily avoided.

Symptoms of gallstones
Doctors have found that the identification and deletion of certain foods, can alleviate symptoms or even cure caused by gallstones apparently, For example, pain in the (under)abdomen and flatulence. The application of this approach can also be effective if these symptoms persist after a galsteenoperatie. Following a diet plan, not only helps to alleviate the symptoms, but even if you are advised to lose weight before surgery.

Colic in infants
Milk intolerance is a common cause of colic in babies 3-4 months. Symptoms can often be relieved by switching to a milk-free bottle feeding. If the baby gets breastfeeding, the mother can get the milk from her diet. In both cases, professional advice should be sought to ensure that the baby is getting enough calcium.

What can you do to irritable bowel syndrome itself

Prikelbare darmsyndroom

PDS of Prikkelbare darmsyndroom – Now follow the custom diet plan

Usually, changes in the diet recommended, such as the avoidance of caffeine, and the tracking of a multi-fiber diet. This is accomplished by more vegetables, vegetables and whole grains to eat. If eating more whole grains or bran supplements symptoms worsen, you can intolerance for wheat have. To test this, it is worth 5-6 days to remove from your diet and then try again wheat completely.

If you think your symptoms are caused by stress, You should take steps to reduce stress. Physical exercise can be effective, because this is not only the dams activates, but the stress level decreases.

An irritable bowel syndrome may be caused by a diet with too much refined sugar. If you have a sweet tooth, it is worth removing refined sugar from your diet worth a couple of weeks.

If symptoms persist after taking the measures referred to, helps an imposed diet plan in the identification of a possible food intolerance. The symptoms may be caused by more than one food, but usually up to three or four. The most notorious culprits are wheat or corn, cow's milk and dairy products, thee, coffee, onions, potatoes and citrus fruit.

The symptoms of IBS can be alleviated by eating homemade yogurt and more fiber, for example, from fruit.

Try antibiotics To avoid, because a Candida infection can occur simultaneously.

Good Alternative Therapies are, for example: naturopathy, Chinese or Western herbal medicine, massage, yoga, Acupuncture, psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Homeopathy, aromatherapy, chiropraxie, orthopedics, autogene training en biofeedback.

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