lift- disorders by infection


Lever- and galaandoening

There are liver- in disorders identified by contamination may result. The patient is sick, gives bile, has diarrhea and, in some cases, even a slight degree of jaundice occur. It really watch out.


Firstly, we need to give the patient drink clay water, either white or yellow clay, to which a few drops of Lachesis D10 of D12 added. This is an excellent antidote. The effect is further enhanced by adding 10-20 drops Echinaforce adding. The patient should be two to three days of fasting and only fully mud drinking water (one paplepeltje loam to one cup warm water). If after a day or two, he, three, a bit of an appetite, He allowed a peeled and then grated apple try, whether he has the peeled apple very well chew.

Against thirst he can one spoon Molkosan (uit zure wei) Drink one cup of water. Also fruit juices qualify, such as grapefruit juice, frambozesap, bramesap of alcoholvrij druivesap, while very sensitive patients may tolerate only freshly squeezed carrot juice. However, in all cases it is important to drink the juice to sip and sip first well to mix with the saliva. Solid foods should be avoided certainly in the beginning. The body will recover fastest if the patient,.

It is of course possible that the patient will get some vomiting, so he must return to some moisture to itself. He can do what horsetail tea (Hquisetum arvense) or better yet dandelion tea (Taraxacum officinale) Drink. The tea is drawn from both the stem as well as the root. However, it is necessary to fast the first days. If Apple- and fruit juices are well-tolerated and the patient regains a little more pull, you can meet in the morning and evening some muesli give slow. In the afternoon, that he may eat salads with very little cold-pressed, unrefined, vegetable oils have been prepared, or with lemon or Molkosan prepared exclusively. The first few days after healing, the patient should eat nothing that m fat is baked or fried: for some time he made them sensitive. Once he even a little heated oils or animal fats ingested, immediately creates a feeling of pressure in the rear- or forehead and a peculiar feeling of nausea, even though this may be only weakly. As long as the viruses and bacteria have not yet been completely expelled from the body, he should not go on the normal diet. The liver is simply not to be trifled.

To stimulate kidney function, we give Solidago tinctuur possibly together with horsetail- and breeding root tea. Does the patient have a fever, which is usually the case, and where the temperature can reach 39 ° C, he needs some Ferrum phosphoricum D12, diluted hulstthee, Aconitum D4 or other, well, of course, to be taken in fever agent. It is also good to make daily no more than one to two tablets Podophyllinum D4 and optionally three or four drops of Chelidonium D2 of het complexmiddel Boldocynara to be taken into. Also, the thickened wortelsap Biocarottin can offer good service.