Ulcers cause dark stools



Gastrointestinal Ulcers (ulcus ventriculi ulcer in duodeni) usually occur before and just after the pylorus (maagportier), but can also elsewhere (eg. the fundus) located. Women often suffer from a ulcer, men of intestinal ulcer. Intestinal ulcers are four to ten times more common than gastric ulcers.

Although gastrointestinal ulcers usually occur after the age of 40, the number of younger patients increases significantly. A gastro-intestinal ulcer is caused by decreased resistance of the mucous membrane against the penetrating effect of the gastric juice, either due to lack of blood flow, excess production of gastric juice, , or by an injury. Pepsin and gastric juice have the opportunity to affect the mucosa. Sometimes the causes of stomach ulcers are organic, For example, weakened mucosa as a result of a gastritis. Usually, however, there is a disturbance of the autonomic nervous system as a result of moods as overload, irritability, ambition, stress enz. It then develops muscle spasms, so small arteries are clamped, with inadequate blood flow to result. This condition can also occur after serious injury, shock, burning or major surgery. Genetic predisposition and the regulation of hormonal functions also play a role.

When only the mucosa is affected, There is talk of superficial injury (Ā»ErosionĀ«), that can heal without scarring. Usually, however, the process extends to the outer layer, deserosa. Then arose ulcers, which are becoming increasingly larger and sometimes in a nearby organ or in the abdomen (gastro-intestinal perforation and fistula) can break. Perforation is perilous, if the surgery does not immediately.

Pinching and stabbing cramps in the middle of the upper abdomen are characteristic of the gastric ulcer, while the upper abdominal pain occurs with duodenal ulcer in the right. In gastric ulcer pain occurs immediately or several hours after eating at. Pain when fasting (especially in the mornings), reaching into the back can radiate, is characteristic of intestinal ulcer. The pain can last for hours and less, when something is eaten. Incidentally, the pain is always dependent on the intake of food. In case of excessive acid production, the pain occurs in the middle of the night and the morning disappeared. Complaints come in the spring and in the fall more than in other seasons. Patients with cramp tendencies may also exhibit constipation. In many cases, however, the symptoms are not particularly clear: weight loss or even discomfort may indicate a stomach ulcer.

Haemorrhage: dark stools

The symptoms of perforation are: severe pain; The abdominal muscles are as hard as a board; the X-ray include the diaphragm to see sickle bubbles.

One of the well-known symptoms of a ulcus (but also from other, o.a. infectious intestinal disease) is occult blood loss, as the name implies, sometimes a long time is not noticed. In ontlasting is pikzwart (melaena), even if only a few ml of blood per day being lost. The color is attributed to the change in chemical composition of the blood in the stool. When the stool occult blood loss should always be examined in the laboratory, Moreover, a laborious process, because it also occurs in carcinomas, anemia, tuberculose enz. With these and other studies may not be dally, even though the cause is apparently clear, For example, slight erosion of the gastric mucosa by aspirin.

Real bleeding, often accompanied by vomiting blood (coffee black color), his perilous, but are fortunately rare. The patient should be immediately taken to the hospital, because usually blood transfusions and operations necessary. For breakthrough also occurs in many cases shock, accompanied by unbearable pain in both shoulders and a strained peritoneum. Immediately call an ambulance is the only life-saving measure.

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With gastrointestinal ulcers is especially important to resolve the conflict in, who have contributed to the emergence of the disease. This does not happen, then regularly occurs recurrence. Except for complete relaxation, bedrust, strictly observe a maagsparend diet with small, not incriminating meals, neutralizing any excess stomach acid, medicines are also given.

These measures do not help, then there is the risk, that the ulcer by breaks or that there is a tumor; bleeding can not be stopped, or a narrowing of the pyloric valve at, then a gastric resection to be carried out, wherein usually two-thirds of the stomach is removed and a new connection between the rest and the small intestine or even the jejunum is applied. During repeated recurrences is often the vagus nerve at the level of the esophagus by cut (vagotomie).

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Stomach cancer

Stomach cancer is discussed in the tumors of the digestive organs.

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Ulcer of the pyloric

In ulcers of the pyloric stenosis may (narrowing) and even complete closure of the passageway place. Symptoms include vomiting (often food from the previous day), overfilled and dilated stomach, water- s weight recite. Usually, surgery is needed.