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Constipation intestines: causes and antidotes

Constipation intestines

When the intestinal contents are staying in the gastrointestinal tract for too long, or when the rectum is not regularly emptied, is the hard stools, because there is too much moisture is extracted from. Then blockage occurs (obstipatie) on.

The bowel function is easily disrupted by sophisticated, slag poor food (meelprodukten), candy, chocolate, enz. The importance of dietary fibers that fill the intestines, such as bran, coarse bread, fruits and vegetables (Moreover, healthy food!) can not be overestimated.

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Causes of constipation

Constipation can be spoken only, when the normal rhythm of bowel movements (in some one or more times per day, in others two or three times per week) is disturbed. The causes are not always easy to figure out, because many people naturally have a certain intestinal inertia and because often moods can play a role (exasperation, anxiety etc.). Improper diet and lack of exercise however, are the most common causes. Sometimes exist organic abnormalities, which then, of course, should be treated. People with hemorrhoids or painful fissures (aarskloven) sometimes a tendency to take too long stool on, so gradual blockage occurs.


The way too much and inappropriately used medical laxatives are unacceptable, because they trigger the disastrous cycle of habituation. Such agents may be taken only on prescription, especially in children under 6 years and elderly people. If the blockage does not in mild and natural preparations plums and apricots, and also the lubricant paraffin oil does not help, is the advice of the doctor urgently needed, especially for pregnant women.

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Children need from childhood it is accustomed to regularly going to the toilet, preferably at specified times, bv. after breakfast. The bowel movement is a natural occurrence, that it may be suppressed in any case.