Anal problems


The anus and surrounding skin are very sensitive, but most problems can be prevented by ensuring a regular bowel movement and thorough cleaning of the anal area.

When problems arise?

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Hemorrhoids are common and are usually the result of pressing. Less common problems anuskloofjes en anusabcessen. When there is anuskloofjes blood in stool and see the toilet paper and painful bowel movements.

Many people suffer from itching around the anus. This will be pruritus ani and it can be caused by hemorrhoids, anuskloofjes, thrush and sexually transmitted diseases, but sometimes it's not only loud but hypersensitivity. Also aarsmaden can cause itching of the anus, especially in children.

The treatment of anal problems

Those who suffer from hemorrhoids, should not try to squeeze in the stool, and especially try to avoid constipation, ointments that you buy at the drugstore, can the pain and itching of hemorrhoids or prunus ani soften. A few times a day and take sitz bath (preferably after each bowel movement) may be the swelling of hemorrhoids counteract. If you suffer from hemorrhoids or other anal disease have continuously, or if a child is constantly itching of the anus has, it is wise to go to the doctor. Children can quickly an infection of anus maggots up, which is easy to treat with medicine is.

De anus

The anus is normally tightly closed by the inner and outer ring pier, who relax in the stool.